At the start of the Coronavirus crisis in March 2020, and due to the curfew that accompanied it, many educational institutions in Jordan were forced to stop working in the traditional manner and became faced with two options; Completely stopping work or using distance learning, which is the option that most educational institutions have approached, including the Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies (JAMS).
I have worked for (JAMS) as an independent eLearning consultant and we have built a complete business plan for the transition to e-learning. You will find more details about this plan here, and among the steps of the transition to e-learning in the Academy was building a LMS to embrace the digital educational content they will provide to their students and trainees and to help in evaluating students progress remotely.


As a result of analyzing the needs of the academy and knowing the features needed in the LMS, the Moodle system was chosen as the basis for the platform. I built the system within two weeks and coordinated with the registration and the IT departments in the academy to create and raise training courses, add users and train the lecturers on using the system and getting the best of it.

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  • Type: LMS
  • Client: Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies
  • Date: March 2020


  • Moodle open source code
  • Adobe Photoshop


  • LMS development
  • Instructional Design
  • Effective communications and training