Welcome …

Hi, and thank you for stopping by. My name is Rami and I help organizations to use eLearning techniques effectively in their training/learning activities.
On this website, you will find some info about me, my skills, my services and some of my previous projects.
Since 2001, I’ve been experimenting with different ways to help people learn and apply their knowledge and skills to their life,  then I discovered eLearning where I was able to reconcile two passions; teaching and coding.


  • Zarqa University, Zarqa – Jordan, 2013 – 2015
    M.Sc. in mathematics
  • Jordan University, Amman – Jordan, 2011 – 2012
    Diploma in Information and Communications Technology in Education (ICTE)
  • Mu’tah University, Karak – Jordan, 1997 – 2001
    B.A. in educational mathematics


I worked as a math teacher for more than 15 years, which enabled me to understand how people learn, and I realized the importance of designing the course in the form of small activities, which I discovered later that it is called “Microlearning”.

In 2011, I started working in the field of eLearning, where I built some LMS’s (learning management systems) using WordPress and Moodle. I administrated some of those LMS’s and trained teachers to use them and to design their own educational and training courses.

Courses I have designed varied within the fields of K-12, higher education, languages, and corporate training. I enjoy corporate training design more than the other fields, as I like to apply adult learning theories and methods of changing attitudes for trainees and observing retention of learning after the end of the course.


During my work, I learned (and still learning) a lot of skills that I believe they are important to the field, including:

  • Microsoft Office Suite: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote.
  • Google Apps: Gmail, Google drive, Google docs, Google sheets, Google slides.
  • Image and Video Editing: Adobe Photoshop, Camtasia, Screencast O-matic, Canva, Pixler
  • Web Design: WordPress, Woocommerce, CSS, HTML, PHP.
  • Project Management Tools: Trello, Asana, Slack.
  • Video Communications Tools: Zoom, BigBlueButton, WizIQ, Learn cube, Braincert.
  • Mathematical Software: Mathematica, Geogebra.
  • Authoring Tools: Articulate StoryLine, H5P.
  • Learning Management System (LMS): Moodle, Canvas, Learndash, LearnPress.

In one of the projects I worked on, I made a recommendation to the institute to replace the Zoom video conference app with BigBlueButton system, where Zoom app had some security issues at that time and also to reduce the financial costs. On the next day, I found myself learning about server programming and Linux OS, and in cooperation with their IT department, the BBB system was up and ready within 10 working days without any prior programming knowledge of its installation requirements.

Some Personal Info

I am a husband and a father in his forties, I live in Amman, the capital of Jordan. I don’t watch football these days but still loyal to my favorite English team “Man United”. I love spending my free time with my family even though I feel I will never give them enough time.