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I’ll help you get the most out of eLearning to improve your education or training programs.

What Do I Offer?

eLearning Consulting

Instructional Design

LMS Development

Web Design

  • Transitioning your in-person training to eLearning
  • How to start an eLearning program
  • Comparison and recommendations on different styles of eLearning
  • Quality assurance evaluation for your eLearning content
  • Guidance on suitable tools and LMS platforms
  • Improving productivity and performance
  • Content development strategy
  • Process implementation and management
  • Measuring the impact of online training


Custom eLearning development

What kind of eLearning development do you need?

Performance Support

Performance support refers to any tool that helps people--in the moment of need--perform a task. Performance support is used to help employees apply newly learned skills, solve problems, and perform less routine tasks.

learning experience

If you need to teach skills and behaviors outside of the classroom, you may need to include micro-learning courses, games that test a learner's understanding, case studies, polls that measure learners’ attitudes.


Sometimes learners require quick information that increases their understanding of a topic. For example educating the public about a specific behavior or providing updates about your services or products.

Look no further …

If you want to invest in a pre-tested, convenient, easy-to-use learning management system that matches your needs! I have already studied different solutions and worked on developing them and learning from the feedback I receive.
Therefore, I will use my experience to customize a learning management system that fits the needs of your organization, based on one of the two most trusted open sources in the world, Moodle and WordPress.
You will have a system dedicated only for you to embrace the educational experiences that you will provide through training or learning courses with the most important specialized tools.

Learning management systems - LMS

Web Design

Academic & eLearning Websites

I help educational institutions and individuals get their web interface and turn ideas into a functional and a delightful experience. I’m focusing on working with the education and training field – mainly building products, branding and websites.